Where will I build my house?

We are currently building in Malloy Terrace in Ferndale.

When can I start?

The waitlist is about 4 years. To get on the waitlist you must submit and application and be eligible.

Do I need to have a down payment?

No down payment or out of pocket expense is required and loan payments are deferred while you build.

How many hours per week are required at the jobsite?

35 hours per week. Half of those hours must come from the builder and the other half may be contributed by family and friends.

How long will it take to build the house?

12-14 months

How much will it cost?

Current total budgets are in the low $300k range, which includes land, permits, hook-ups, and all materials and some subcontracts.

The cost is so low because at least 65% of the tasks involved with building the house must be completed by the owner-builder.

Do I have to have experience building a house?

No experience necessary. Our construction supervisors will provide training and supervision during construction.

What if I lose my job while building?

If you lose your job after beginning the building process, this event will not affect your eligibility. It will be important to find work again for all of the usual reasons however – food, rent, heat, etc.

The mortgage includes a provision that allows for temporary deferment of mortgage payments.

How can I participate if I am physically disabled?

Disabled participants contribute where they are capable and, if needed, must bring someone to work for them.